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Thread: Roe head 90 day drying weight loss

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    Roe head 90 day drying weight loss


    What do people think?

    It weight 650 grams in this state. Still needs some meat picking off. It is a full skull so I know I need to minus 90 grams. Which will leave me with 560 grams.

    How much weight is it likely to lose in the 90 day drying off period?

    He weighed 55lb!!



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    Cracking Ross as for weight loss criseoe on here will know Cic measurer now I am going down to his end of the month if you want it looked at
    Cheers doug

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    They usually lose anything from 70-100 grams from wet, tends to be if it weighs 500 grams full skull should make medal, as a guess yours should be about 570 grams so hopefully will be silver maybe even gold depending on volume, very nice head congrats.

    Hope it scores well.


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    I usually work on them loosing 10% of the wet weight. Goes with out saying that they are all slightly different and will depend on how well you have cleaned it up.

    Ys chris

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    I have one sitting at the moment.
    It was 681 grams wet,and now after being on the radiator for a couple of weeks it is 625 grams.
    I cant see it loosing much more than that? Minus the 90 grams for full skull ,it should end up about the 530 -ish.

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    what a head, better than any I've seen stalking tut, good luck

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    its not an exact science, but if you allow for 10% loss you won't be far wrong, also Buck shot early season will loose more than one shot later in the year.

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    What length is he from coronet to antler tip.

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    If this were being charged it would go down as a Gold. I think the best you can say is that currently it is either a very high silver or maybe a gold. Whatever you do don't cut it before you get it measured. A danish friend used to say that bucks from my area were nearly always -130g after about an hour of drying but full skull, not cut. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    What length is he from coronet to antler tip.
    Hi Davie,

    The antlers are 22.5cm from coronet to tip. I have a silver medal on the wall which is 23cm but has no way near as much pearling or as heavy thick beams and coronets.

    Looks good for a silver/gold!!!



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