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Thread: Best book for Deer dog

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    Best book for Deer dog

    I would appreciate your recommendations for the best book for training a deer dog.

    I've got an 8 week old WHV. My stalking buddy has 3 so I know about the breed and made an informed choice about what to go for.

    I stalk about an average of once a week throughout the year.

    I know that WHV's prefer to airscent and to be honest I can think of very few deer where I have needed to blood trail but its a skill I would like the dog to be trained to have, just in case.

    I do not want to train him for gameshooting or picking up, as I just don't get time to do that anymore. He will purely be a deer dog.

    What books would you read for a background to WHV training and blood trailing? I'm aware most of the good ones are European.

    Many thanks


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    Try these, I have both and they are a good read. The one by John Jeanney is highly rated by all accounts...

    Niels Sondergaard working with dogs for deer

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    I would agree with the above but may just sway towards the Sondergaard book personally, for a general point of reference. I was very kindly lent both of them by a site member.

    I also bought Scent and the Scenting Dog, by William G. Syrotuck. I would recomend that book simply because it opens your eyes as to how dogs are actually able to track trails over several days, what makes good and bad scenting conditions, how long scent remains for, the difference between air and ground scent etc etc. I think if you can understand how the dog works, you are better placed to read the situation if a problem arises.

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