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Thread: open licence

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    open licence

    Ok guys,I know its been asked before,I have got a few seperate permissions.
    All with signed declarations by the land/agent owners,allowing me to stalk.
    How do I go about getting an open licence,at the moment mine reads;;
    deer,fox and vermin on ground that has been vetted by the local constabulary,

    Any advise Regards Tony.

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    I think your batting in the wrong area here mate!

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    tony the only way you will get a open ticket before your 5 years is up , is to prove your experienced enough to judge land yourself eg dsc1, dsc2 ,land risk assesments , i got a open ticket after only 2 years but it was bloody hard work mate



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    Move to scotland
    My fac's have always be open
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    tony, when you applied for your FA certificate, you should have requested that you wish to use your rifle/s on any other land where you have lawful permission to shoot, or and by way of invitation. the restriction you have recited is that, too restrictive, what happens if you wish to go stalking in Ireland Wales, or Scotland???, I would write to your local FA dept requesting that they remove this rather onnerous condition if they refuse, then I would write to the Chief Superintendent of the local FA dept, asking him, her to send their decision in writing to you, and their appeal chain in order that you may consider the matter further, is there something missing here, looking at it, it appears that you do actually have an open ticket, but the wording is badly constructed

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    open Licence

    i try for this but in lancashire got level 1 and 2 lancashire still wont do open till 5 years
    i was told level 1and level 2 means nothing to them so i have to wait and keep putting land checks in its a waste of there time .as you would not shoot if it was not safe to do so .hands tied

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    can I further suggest that if you are in BASC, BDS, or NGO ask them to contact your local FA dept, sounds like you are not the only person to have this problem, the aforementioned organisations may have kept tabs on this sort of problem, and may be able to expedite matters for you

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    Open Ticket

    First renewal is a good time to ask. Failing that write a letter stating your need to having it open. You will need to cover ammo usage, backstops etc.

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    After 18 months I asked for my .22/.17HMR to be opened- that was granted
    2 weeks ago I asked for my CF rifles to be opened and that has been agreed to.
    On both occasions I made a written request , had an interview with an FEO and, after 3 1/2 years, my ticket has been opened

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    Does your ticket actually say "vetted by the local constabulary"?

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