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    I had a chap get in touch through a friend i had met on the web years ago anyway he wanted to stalk roe deer in Scotland a thing he had never done .So i told him to come up that a few bucks were showing and we would see if he could get his first Scottish roe deer. The first evening was a no show we saw only one doe while out and a very large buck on the way home out of the car window but it was to dark to start a stalk on him. So up early the next morning and we were on the ground for 440 and stalking a nice woodland edge. We saw no deer at all for an hour it was an east wind and bloody cold. Pierre saw two does but they skipped in and out the trees .We had to change our plan and out into open country we bumped a couple of does which in turn took a very nice buck with them over the boundary. It was looking bad when Pierre spotted a nice yearling who was 280 mtr away with the reading from his binoculars and on its way to us. The deer was in and out of visibility and i would say more out than in. Anyway it was a waiting game and after 20 mins he was getting noticeably nearer a stalk up to some bare old hawthorn saw Pierre ready for a shot a make shift lean was made up and the deer was shot at close range. Smiles all round and one on the ground. But not to be out do on the way home i remembered a couple of woods i had not stalked for ages and asked Pierre did he fancy a crack at them. I didn't need to ask twice and we were out on the new ground a big estate garden. We bumped a small buck and then got on two real nice beast one was exceptional its body was truly massive the other very large and still in velvet. They let us a merry dance through the big wood not knowing we were there they were busy chasing a running from each other. Sadly they left and we carried on our stalk spotting a nice wee buck at the fantastic distance of 15 mtr Pierre was looking out in to the field when i prompted him Christ he sad and took it nice to a neck shot. Bad start good Finnish. Total stalk time7 hours.

    New camera starting to get on with it beter.
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    Nice work Davie and good pictures.
    I like the way you've mowed the path for your client, very considerate
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    Well done that team, that's some head for a youngster, the man has good taste in knives too

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    Well done to Davey and Pierre,both good lads.


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    Nice pictures Davie. Is that the same buck as your other thread for Pierres level 2

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    the 7-08 strikes again! well done to the pair of you
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    Yes Kenny and it puts a big hole in a small animal lol May i add he did see bigger but he just did not play ball. Gaz yes the first pictures are of the video buck.

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    well done to both of u good photes and video of it in the video section

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    That's a pretty little dog, is it a pedigree , well done you two,

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    It was a great weekend mate, many thanks again.
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