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    moderator & POI

    Hi All. Fitted a new ASE Utra SL5 moderator to my rifle. When I tried it at the range it shot about 4 inches higher than without the moderator. Is this normal? I know there will be a change in POI but I was assuming it would be a downward shift because of the weight hanging on the end of the barrel.

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    Pretty normal. The mass on the end of the barrel changes the harmonics so a shift can be expected. It's pot luck how much it will shift. Also moderators tend to act like extra barrel length and it's not unusual to see slightly increased muzzle velocity.

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    The extra weight and length will change the natural frequency of the barrel, meaning that the bullet will exit at a different point in the vibrational cycle of the barrel. Sometimes they deflect up, sometimes down, so the answer is yes, it's perfectly normal, as long as it shoots in the same place all the time. If shots are all over the place then you will want to look at the alignment of the threading to the bore and check the mod for signs of clipping.

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