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Thread: Hi from Manchester

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    Hi from Manchester

    Hi, my name is Russ and I live just north of Manchester.
    I have been a target shooter for 20+yrs and regularly shoot fox/rabbit etc on local permissions. I also own two Large Munsterlander's and regularly beat with them on a shoot in Lincolnshire in season.

    For several years I have had a hankering to try my hand at stalking but illness intervened for a while. I am now ready to take that first step!

    Myself and a pal have booked on a DSC1 course in Eskdale later this month and I am currently on about my 20th re-read of the course material! We both also intend on joining a deer stalking club to get as much practical experience as possible (more than likely to be Minsterley Deer Stalking Club as its only a couple of hours away) and working towards our DSC2's.

    I am looking forward, with some trepidation, to the DSC1 course and the closer it gets the less confident I get on really basic stuff. As someone who has never stalked before, I am struggling a bit with deer identification and to a lesser extent the open seasons. But, I will persevere and do my best on the day

    I am hoping to get lots of tips and good advice from the forum and intend doing a lot of back reading!


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    Welcome to the site Russ.

    I can fully understand that you are feeling nervous with the Level 1 fast approaching, it just means that you are normal mate. Remember to read that book at every opportunity as all the answers are in it.
    Yes, you will learn a lot from this forum. There are many extremely experienced stalkers on here all willing to share and pass on their vast knowledge. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions, these people are really friendly and are here to help and guide us all.

    Good luck Ross.


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