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Thread: Another 1st thanks to Mr Davies

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    Another 1st thanks to Mr Davies

    After grassing my first Deer (2 Fallow)thanks to Wayne and Andy in November and then getting another Fallow in February again courtesy of the esteemed gentlemen i quite fancied having a go at a Roe Buck. I emailed Wayne on Thursday and he immediately replied saying that i was welcome to try but getting a cull Buck as opposed to a medal head might be a problem due to the quality of beasts present on his ground. Friday morning he rang me and said we could go Saturday afternoon
    I arrived at Waynes at 5pm and we then drove to his Roe ground in the Cotswolds which he assured me was alive with Roe, we then spent a couple of hours driving from 1 hot spot to another with no sign of any deer at all. I eventually spotted a Roe about 800 yds away lying under a hedge but it turned out to be a Doe, i was pleased to see 1 as watching them is as big a part to me as shooting them.
    We then headed to the field we would be sitting up in, now this field Wayne told me always has deer laid up in, never been here and not seen 1, however this time not a thing
    We climbed into the high seat and watched the edge of the wood, after about half an hour Wayne spotted a vixen and cubs in the hedge 20 yds away, we watched them until they walked off then resumed our watch of the woodland edge.
    Half an hour later one of the cubs came out again and when it disappeared we looked up to see a Roe doe feeding in front of us, how do they appear from no where ?, she fed quietly towards us and was soon joined by a younger doe that fed away from us, it was magical to watch them and twice they both stopped feeding and looked towards the wood as if expecting something to join them. 10 minutes later he did. A buck lept out of the wood and i held my breath praying it didnt have a medal head which would have put him out of my price range, i needn't have worried as Wayne smiled, nodded and said let him come further out into the field.
    He fed quietly and luckily he followed the first doe towards us rather than away, Wayne told me when the time was right to take a high shoulder shot as Max hadnt joined us, when he was about 100 yds away he turned broad side on and i fired , due to the muzzle flip i didnt see him drop but i did see the two does running off. Wayne said to reload and cover him but he wasnt going anywhere. We shook hands and discussed that the larger doe was possibly his mother, this doe had only run as far as the wood edge and now she made her way back out into the field and right to where the buck lay at which point im sure she looked at me with a very disapproving look , her grief was very short lived however and she started feeding again.
    At this point what i now know is medically termed "Stalkers grin" set in and i started to shake and giggle like a fool with an uncontrollable smile on my face
    Wayne got down and walked her off and we went to see what id shot, he was a lovely little buck and the shot placement was perfect, after photos Wayne performed the gralloch and we took him back to the truck.
    I know many have said it before but i can honestly say i have never met a nicer and more helpful person than Wayne, when it looks like you might not find a deer he seems as genuinely upset as yourself and pulls all the stops out to get you into one, ive now stalked 3 times and grassed 4 deer but this Roe buck is a little special,he wont make a medal but as far as im concerned hes gold,
    Thank you so much Wayne and i look forward to our next stalk

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    Nice one mate.
    As you said i think Wayne gets more upset if you don't get anything.

    Top man.

    Max was having an evening off

    One to remember mate.


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    nice one jonthy really pleased for you thats why they call him the NINJA
    regards pete .

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    "Esteemed Gentleman"

    Is this the same Ninja, were talking about..

    Top company your keeping there Jonty,

    Well done lads

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Nice buck jonty with some great company
    Regards jon

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    Thanks Jonty for your kind write up I'm glad you were happy with your buck and also relieved they started to move eventually.
    It was nice to see that vixen suckling those cubs on a place where I dont have to shoot them.

    I've added a couple of photos for you, thanks again for your company and good shooting



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    That is a nice read, thank you. Well done on youre buck.

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    nice one mr howard. looks a nice beast all the same. munty next then

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    Nice one Jonty, congrats!

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