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    BSA Parts

    I have a BSA rifle - think its a 'Monarch' but there's nothing on it to give a clue.

    To be honest there's not all that much of the orginal rifle left - it has been re-stocked at some point long since with a very nice piece of walnut and I rebarreled it from the orginal 7x57 to 7-08 a couple of years ago with a Border cut rifled tube cos it never shot too well and I suspected the thing was gone. It now shoots just fine.

    The firing pin spring has never seemed to have all that much grunt and once failed to ignite a round. It just sounds and feels weak - its undoubtedly the same age as the rifle - 40 - 50??

    I have had the spring out and checked it - but where can I get a new one? Does anyone know anything else which would fit to give more of a ping? I did have a quick google but without anything positive back.

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    Try or The first is T.W Chambers and the second is John Knibbs.
    When B.S.A. stopped making rifles John Knibbs bought up all the spare parts, he is able to make new "B.S.A." rifles from spares.

    Another source would be Norman Clarke though he usually specialises in Parker Hale as he bought up their parts bins.

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