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Thread: To use a rangefinder or not?

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    To use a rangefinder or not?

    So I was thinking about getting a range finder or range finding binos the other day but a lot of the other more experienced stalkers I shoot with use experience!

    I am not adverse to putting in the effort of pacing things out to get to know my ground but just wondered what other peoples thoughts were?

    If you are a range finder kind of guy or gal then would you combine with binos or keep seperate?



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    I often take a rangefinder out with me when walking. I use it as a monocular to look at anything of interest, at the same time I range what I am looking at. This then lets me know how far away certain landmarks are and also helps develop my experience.
    I never take it out stalking.

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    Experience should be used when stalking, most deer are well within the PBR of the rifle and deer species anyway
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    why not use one? I know my ranges pretty well but if your in a seat or have time why not find out the exact range, it gives you the ability to dial in or aim of accordingly. Another useful tool in the bag as far as I am concerned. Used in conjunction with your rifles ballistics it can be great!

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    Exactly - rifle ballistics
    If you are sat in a high seat then you have the time to use one
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickcutter85 View Post
    ...If you are a range finder kind of guy or gal then would you combine with binos or keep seperate?..

    In an ideal world, I would have range finder binoculars. I was out with John Robson the other morning and clearly on the flat terrain that he stalks on, it's a big advantage to be able to say to a client, that buck's 112m away. At present I have a range finder that I often use after the event, especially on the open hill. I sometimes use it to range deer that are visible, but out of range, so that I can assess how much work I need to do to close the gap. I guess a lot depends on what your doing and how deep your pockets are. A range finder is handy and occasionally I have been fooled in unusual light conditions.

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    I have one that I use quite often - at least until I get used to knowing the distances/ranges of particular landmarks.

    If you can afford one, then why not? It won't hurt, and will definitely be helpful. Some people are good at estimating ranges, some are not so good, so anything that helps you hit the target can only be a good thing.

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    I don't use one, but I can't really afford one either. if I had plenty of dosh I'd probably buy nice Swaro's or Zeiss bino's with integrated RF functionality, maybe in the7 or 8 X 42 sort of range. on that note however, I don't know when I'd really use them apart from when on the hill, and even then I've never taken (or wanted to take) shots outside of the 200 mark.

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    If I had the money I would go for the binocs with the RF included.

    I have a range finder and use if when sitting at a new post, that way I can ping the distance to certain features to get a idea of range so if a deer steps out I know straight away whether its in range and within my capabilities.

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    take up golf.
    its not cheaper but it fine tunes your mark 1 eyeball and ranging ability!

    I have enough crap to carry and the RF binos are damn heavy. think if long range stuff is your bag then they must be invaluable.
    if I see something I want to shoot that looks a bit far then I get closer to it rather than work out what holdover and windage might be needed.

    Isn't that the sporting (and in my opinion, the most challenging and rewarding..) bit?

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