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Thread: Yet another one from Shropshire

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    Yet another one from Shropshire

    Hi to all,
    I Have been trawling through the site for a while now and felt that it would be benificial to join in as I can see a lot of experience out there. My name is John and as you can guess I run Hungarian Vizslas. Yes, I have got the patience of a saint and they look just as good and give the same thrill when they go on point as when I had my 1st 25 years ago. I have been shooting in one form or another for to many years to remember, mainly small shoot style driven game, pigeon and I buy one good treat day a year.
    My deer stalking is mainly Fallow and perhaps an odd muntjac and I came to be involved in it due to the kindness of a vey good friend who allows me to stalk with him on his land where I am a member of a small pheasant syndicate inHertfordshire. I owe this chap a lot and I hope he recognises himself in my introduction.
    I passed my Level 1 in 2002 and am about to registar for level 2, any tips and pitfall avoidance whilst doing this would be gratefully received as I do not wish to end up paying a fortune to do this and have the enjoyment knocked out of the acheivement by greed and unscrupulous practices.
    I use two rifles, my stalking rifle is a Sako .243 with a PES sound mod, no two is a Anschutz .22 rimfire. I also have a .17 HMR on my ticket, as yet to purchase.
    Anyway I would imagine enough people are asleep after reading this marathon so speak to you soon. It would seem that there is a few people out there from the Shropshire area and it would be nice to have some kind of contact. The beer is of the highest quality in my area and for a small place we are spoiled for choice.

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    Welcome Baggers I only had to see Vizsla's and shropshire to know it was you. Welcome to the site, knowing you no doubt you will have plenty to say. But you are a good listener and willing to learn so you should benefit greatly from the information in the different forums.
    One small point ,however I think you would have more success from highseats if you did'nt keep taking young ladies up there with you.! Oh and love to Carole (the wife)

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    Welcome to the site lots of good advice and i'm sure some one will know where you can do your level 2 close to home,if you have no luck pm me and i'll dig out the details of who i went with,I have vizsla's as well!!!!!!! work both deer and game

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    Welcome aboard Vizlamad......

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