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Thread: .22-250 Loads

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    .22-250 Loads

    Would someone be able to shed any light on what they are using? Just bought a load of gear, need to buy powder (which one) bullet heads and primers. Using a Tikka m595 which likes Hornady vmax 50g (will probably use these heads) unless anyone can reccommend me something else?
    Thank you.

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    I don't have a .22-250 any more, but if I was reloading for it, I would flick open my Hornady manual and see what it says about the bullet weight I am interested in. I really like the neat layout of the Hornady data and it quickly allows me to assess which 2 or 3 powders are worth looking at for my bullet of choice. Good luck. JCS

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    Varget is a good choice in 22/250 I have used it with 50 grain vmax or 50 grain blizkings
    With great groups.
    I now use imr 4007ssc. It gives better fps then the varget I have found superb accuracy and better case fill. Varget and imr are fairly dirty powders though. Not a problem if you keep on top of the cleaning.

    As for primers I have used the bench rest and standard Cci 200 primers. Not found any difference in accuracy

    I use vit powder in my 17 rem. Works out cheaper you get more powder for your money. And they burn clean which is a bonus
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    I have got the Lee loading handbook if you want to borrow it.

    It lists the min and max loads for various powders.

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    Whar they need on this site is a "search" facility?

    How useful would that be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    I have got the Lee loading handbook if you want to borrow it.

    It lists the min and max loads for various powders.
    Thanks Kevin but I have got one on order mate, just waiting for it to be delivered!

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    I use now mostly use Varget in my .22/250 (loading 35 - 36 gns) behind a 55 gn projectile. Varget is the cheapest powder for me that delivers. However ww760 (and its twin h414), ww748 also work well in this case with 50 and 55 gn projectiles in my experience. You will also find supporters of RL-12, RL-15, Vit N140, H4895, H380 and H322 for use in the 250. I have not used these last choices but they are mainstream so you have plenty of choice.

    You should get 3600+ fps with a 55 gn and up to 3800 with a 50 gn if you want within safe pressures.
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    h4895 34/35gns with 55vmax works well

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    33-34 grains of Benchmark. Tweak the length to suit.

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    H380 was said to be developed for the .22.250 useing 38grs behind a 55grainer... i have reloaded this calibre for many years, having succes with vit n140..re12..h414 and most recently (last 10 years) have been useing varget,which is a great powder and i can use it in my .308 and 6mmbr also, so i no longer have to go looking for different powders..

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