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Thread: Ammo safe

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    Ammo safe


    Looking some advise on suitable ammo safes. Basically what is the cheapest option that ticks all the boxes for FAC.

    Not looking to be keeping too much in the safe as this is going to be my first rifle with only one variation on the certificate.

    Any advise greatly appreciated.



    ps. Not sure if this is the right section, happy to move thread if needed!

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    Digital home safe
    Get the large 1 as you WILL need more storage as your rifle collection increases

    I've got 2 - both passed inspection for FAC
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    +1 for digital safe, +1 for get good size. You can also store gun cabinet keys there, then there is no chance of losing them. Just another pin to remember .

    Same as a good quality one. They usually come with 2 keys for back-up in case system fails so find a safe Memorable place for them.
    Install in corner position preferably then it can be secured on three sides. If in a cupboard then the cupboard can be locked as well.
    For belt and braces a small alarm can be added like this one which will scream it's head off if cupboard is disturbed...

    I can't see any feo failing that set-up. Plus you have peace of mind in knowing all your kit is secure.
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    hi joe
    ive used a army surplus type ammo box, it plenty big enough.
    i had to put a shackel on to the box just bolted on the inside and a padlock,
    only cost about 20
    Feo was more than happy with it


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    Thanks for the responces. Had originally thought that i would go for a 'digital' style safe, but may investigate the ammo box option mentioned by MGD.

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