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Thread: Excellent Leica Customer Service

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    Excellent Leica Customer Service

    Dear all

    I was experiencing problems with the laser rangefinder on my 8x42 BRF's.

    I explained the issue to UK Customer Service (based in London) and they asked me to complete a repair form online and a UPS collection doc.

    I had completed both and packaged the BRF's ready for post and literally about 2 hours after submitting the UPS collection doc, a courier arrived on my door step to collect.

    They arrived at Leica Germany the following day. I had confirmation by email that Leica had received them and that they had identified the problem. Exactly 2 weeks to the day of sending them off they are back with me. Before they went back to Leica they were looking a bit tatty as they have had significant useage and are approx 8 years old (I think). They came back looking like new and functioning perfectly.

    I rang Leica Customer Service in the UK and Germany to thank them and the Customer Service lady in Germany told me they have sent me an entirely new pair and just transfered the serial number.

    I thought it warranted a post on here as I am very impressed with Leica for their excellent attention to customer service at no cost whatsoever to me.



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    Nice to hear some good reports for a change these days. I find a large number of companies
    I deal with have forgotten what good service is.

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    I am glad that you had a good result from Leica because I am a bit of a Leica fan. It's certainly a better result than when I tried to contact them several months ago regarding a scope one of the site members had for sale. They simply didn't reply to my emails regarding questions over the warranty.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Exactly the same for me, they were brilliant down in London and cannot praise them enough.
    I even got sent some cleaning cloths at christmas.
    Top company
    Credit where it`s due.

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    This is good to hear. My 8x56 Geovids are eating Batteries. Changing them every couple of outings.


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    I've recently had a similarly good experience with Leica customer service in the UK and Germany. I bought a rangefinder off fleabay and someone had butchered the screw head that holds the battery cover on. Being a sad sod, I decided it needed replacing and after getting the part number from Germany, the UK (London) office sent me the part free of charge.

    Try one of the following if you need help;
    phone 0207 318 2232 (was my German contact)
    phone +49(0)6442 208 229

    Realistically it cost them very little to sort me out, but their helpful attitude was a refreshing change.


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