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Thread: Article: Guide to Controlling Urban Deer

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    Article: Controlling Urban Deer Guide

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    Very interesting reading. Thanks!

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    Some very good valid points raised everyone should view this.

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    Good article , covering all aspects of urban stalkingOne or two minor points that I would do differently but too minor to mention, and to be fair I probably have a lot less urban stalking experience than the author.

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    A very useful and informative guide to urban deer management, not something every one would undertake. Thanks to the author for producing a much needed document

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    Enjoyed reading that article Davie and found it interesting on many fronts. Ive never stalked deer in an urban enviroment and can see from what youve written it cant be that easy with a lot of things to consider.

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    Excellent Davie!

    Really enjoyed reading through that. Very informative...

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    Excellent read thank you

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    Good read, lots of common sense points


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    Thats a very clear document and i enjoyed reading it.

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