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Thread: used motor oil edinburgh

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    used motor oil edinburgh

    my source for used motor oil as dried up, due to eco/environmental regulations now refuse to give me any after all....

    does anyone have/know of where near edinburgh city centre I can get a few litres? need some in the next 72hrs.(oh, it's for finishing firearms parts bluing, so 'yes' stalking related - LOL).

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    I have a big tub of crap quality "running in" oil in the garage, You are welcome to some of that.
    Got 25l for 15 from Costco IIRC

    how much do you need?

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    Why does it need to be used oil


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Why does it need to be used oil

    Higher carbon content

    I use it for oil quenching some of the scabbard & sling fittings I make

    PKL - let me know if you are stuck = may have a litre or so spare

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    Drip trays in Land Rover Dealers Showrooms..

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    PM me if your still stuck,I have a number of friends in the motor trade.

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    I can help, but couldnt get any to you until next week.



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    I have a good bit you can have sitting in a 5 litre bottle in the garage and am about to change the oil in my car. I will be in Edinburgh visiting family next month if this helps. If your sorted but will need some for the future and want it PM me as it will be going to the drum in the tip otherwise.

    Cheers mick

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