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Thread: stupid is as stupid do'es

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    Red face stupid is as stupid do'es

    well hope someone learns from this but should imagine there's only me dumb enough.
    so been in a syndicate for my 2nd year and was my 3rd time going, well headed out at 4.30 saturday morning shot a deer at 7.15 through lungs 80 yds, and it ran 200 yds into deep cover in the forest. so at 7.30 started grolloch as i got to the rib cage deer moved under pressure so went to steady it with my left hand whilst still cutting.
    oh dear knife came out of deer and straight through my artery in my left wrist but as with most i guess everyone has cutt them selfs whilst was bad, blood squirting 6 inch out off my wrist. so kept calm and headed back to main path where as cool as owt i got my phone out to ring ken who i,ve gone up with this is were it went wrong.
    when i joined syndicate i only had a work phone and now have a personal one aswell and thats the one i had on me. went to ring ken no number in my phone, dunt worry ring 999 **** i dunt even know name of forest i,m in the farm we are stopping at or the nearest village what a numpty. now i,m panicing and i,m losing blood fast tried ringing girlfriend she dint answer so txt telling her i,m cut bad might not make it and to tell kids i love them. so after 10 mins of blind panic i calmed down and thought things through, put a shoe lace round my arm to stop the flow of blood and rang my company phone too which a work partner answered dint tell him what i,d done but just said i needed ken deer in my phone his number. long story short got hold of ken and it took him 30 mins to get to me went to local hospital and when they saw the blood squirting out phoned an ambulance to take me 30 miles to a proper a&e and got sorted.
    yes i,ve read all the does and don,ts but never thought it would happen to me, well for sure i,m never going to be in that postion again just afew basics and i could av saved myself alot of blood and stress so this is just a warning to novices please know the basics, phone numbers name of forest, farm or nearest village.
    i,ve only wrote this so no one else makes the same mistake and believe me i,ve come close to death afew times but dint know much about it at the time but when your sat watching your blood pumping all over and to get in a blind panic it was the most scared i,ve ever been in my life. i desevre too have the piss ripped out of me but as long as someone learns from my cock up i,m happy to take the
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    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    JEEZ! Glad you're ok mate!
    Bloody hell that would scare you a bit!!!
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    a timely reminder to anyone out on their own, glad to hear you are OK. you may have made some mistakes ,but you kept it together and got help.
    "Politicians must be allowed to panic. They need activity. It is their substitute for achievement"
    "'The matter is under consideration' means we have lost the file. 'The matter is under active consideration' means we are trying to find the file."

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    No piss taking from me.
    A good lesson for all to remenber.
    Complacencey is a dangerous thing.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Did you get any pics of the beast? Get your priorities sorted man! Glad you're ok, keeping calm is the important thing

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    Well done for posting it. I do keep meaning to get a first aid kit for just such an incident.

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    Bloody lucky ( or unlucky ).Glad to hear you are ok now. Atb, Jim.

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    stav you were lucky no one should rip into you that could happen to any one of us good job you had yer phone i knoe the fear that goes thru yer mind
    had similar years ago lungs flooding with blood had to sit upright for 14 hours to keep blood in bottom of lung couldnt get chopper out weather too rough
    one thing tho if you are afraid and it hurts your alive

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    Get yourself a breast bone saw it always makes me cringe when i see people trying to force a blade up threw the sternum pluss it takes the edge off your knife so quickly.
    Glad it turned out ok in the end and a message to us all to be prepaired

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    i only said the night before i,m going to get a breast saw next
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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