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Thread: First rifle

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    First rifle

    Hello all

    I'm looking to get my first rifle this year and need advice on what calibre to get. I stalk here in GB but enjoy stags, boar and hunting in South Africa so i'd like a good all-round rifle. Currently thinking a 30.06?


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    30-06 is a good all rounder, you might also look at a 7mmRM, 300WM or one of the new short mags. They would definitely be better for longer range plains game in Africa as well as having that bit more clout for wild boar. Ammo availability might be trickier with the short mags though unless of course you handload.

    Not so sure about Hampshire but have heard some constabularies have an extreme aversion to anything with the word "magnum" in it. Might be worth trying to find out more details from BASC or your FEO.

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    30-06 can do about anything you want it to, so a good choice.

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    30-06 does it all and very easy to get your hands on ammo anywhere in the world

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