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Thread: 1st deer on my own

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    1st deer on my own

    headed out at 4.30 am on my own have been 3 times on my own with no luck so employed the services of john robbo who got me 2 and roe stalker who got me 2 and both taught me lots, so was time to put it into practice.
    well the way i had to go ment i had the wind behind me to set off with as i was on foot, after 2 and a half hours of walking twisting and turning down rides and paths i always seem to have the wind behind me, so at this point i came to a high seat and thought well time for a rest and a sandwich so climbed into the seat. with in 5 mins a 4 pointer pops out 20 yds away walking straight towards me and keeps looking at me. he would not turn broad side so sat waiting he went across the ride over open grass and into the trees at the other side and was gone but he never gave me a shot i was happy with.
    something must av spooked him as he came flying back out about 30 yds further up from were he went in and stopped broad side 80 yds away looking back were he had just come from so in a split seconed i fired.
    he showed no sign off being hit dint jump dint stagger hunch up or anything, just trottered off into the tree's and i was gutted thought i,d missed him so sat 5 mins incase he came back sign of him so thopught i,d take alook were i shot him and was happy to see alot of pink frothy blood and hair on a mound of grass, he was hit in the lungs. so followed the blood into thick cover and found him 200 yds away dead. it was a lung shot with min damage for a time for my 1st solo grolloch well thats another please read that for rest of story.
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    nice one mate, glad you found him. It something else stalking on your own, but you soon remember what you have been taught

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    well done on that one ,i bet your heart was jumping out of you chest when you first so him , good learning experiance too,always act like you have hit it as this is very often the case ,one to remember

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