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    Strange Buck

    Hi All,

    I was clearing out some old paperwork at the weekend, and came across a photo of me taken in Feb 1999, with a strange buck I shot whilst out doe stalking. The bucks velvet antlers had collapsed over its face and the ends had swelled up to roughly the size of a grapefruit on both sides totally covering its eyes. At first I thought I was looking at a perruque buck, but as I stalked in closer I could see that the animal was in difficulties so I made the decision and took the shot.

    I have not seen a similar buck since, and I assume the fractured antlers may have been caught in a fence or something, and the swelling was due to blood not being able to drain from the soft growing antler. The whole mass of each antler was soft and could be lifted up to reveal normal eyes underneath. On gralloching out the beast, the stomach was completely empty so I have no doubt the animal would have just sit there until it starved to death.

    A strange one, thats for sure !!


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    Hello mate! I might be wrong but is this not a Perruque Head??

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    Interesting & unusual photo - It looks like it's getting T-baged! Maybe that's just me....

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    Very unusual Lakey, thanks for putting it up-everything else was normal then-no broken limbs, both testicles there etc etc I assume. Never heard of one like that before.

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    Thanks for the replies. Yep all was normal with the buck, 2 testicles and no abnormal swellings/growths anywhere, the only thing abnormal was the head.
    The antlers were soft from just above the coronets to the tip and totally flexible. Me and my mate reckoned that the main beams had broken and started to bend over causing a constriction of the bloodvessels leading blood away from the antler tip (bit like bending over a straw) so blood could still flow into the antler, but could not flow away, causing the swelling to start. Then as the antlers got heavier and heavier, they were pulled downwards with gravity until they hung over the eyes thus blinding the poor creature. We both put the animal at about 2 years of age and the stomach was totally empty, so he hadnt had a meal for a while. I guess once the main beams had been broken, the swelling of the antler tips would have happened quite quickly, say a day or two at most?
    A couple of questions I have asked myself about the buck is
    (1) Would the antlers ever have hardened, and if so what would they have been like (I doubt the animal would have lived long enough anyhow)
    (2) What could have broken the antlers at about the same hight both sides, or what made them sag over to cause the suspected blood flow obstruction?

    Any more comments welcome

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    Certainly done him a favour

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