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Thread: General roe buck question

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    General roe buck question

    Evening all, after a few outings and taking 2 bucks on one of my permissions I have noticed so far the bucks are all only growing 4 points? Why would this be??
    Thanks stu

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    Million dollar question! Population dynamics, food, stress, could be lots of things.

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    Four points generally indicates a young animal.

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    Someone else has poached all the six pointers? Or as mentioned above dynamics of the area!

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    must be the poachers! in previous years no probs with them!

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    Can you post clear photos of close up birds eye view of the whole lower jaw and also inside and outside views of the jaw ( at right angles ) You will need to split the jaw for this.Give us a chance to age them

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    Maybe a neighbouring stalker is taking all the good ones when they cross the boundary?

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