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Thread: Investarm 20g o/u hushpower

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    Investarm 20g o/u hushpower

    Fully silenced 20g o/u
    Although these look like a drainpipe on a stock they are very well balanced and mount very easy.
    This is very quiet for a shotgun due to the moderator being full length unlike most silenced shotguns that are only half or three quarters in length and you get the added benefit of the two shots rather than a single shot like most moderated shotguns and no loud clunk like the pump action ones.

    This has had less than 200 shots through it.

    I am looking for 500 and I am in Middlesbrough in the north east.
    Veiwing welcome and possibly try before you buy.

    I can't add pictures but it is the same as the one in the link

    Hushpower Shotguns, Modifications and Kits

    Ideal for bunny bashing through the summer and perfect for built up areas and in and around farm buildings where livestock may be present.

    I may be tempted to do a deal with a synthetic cz .22lr
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    Interested in your hushpower.Youhave mail

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    Here we go another one who only joins to buy something because it's a bargain. When you joined up it does tell you that your first post should be an introduction, I don't suppose you fancy doing one?

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    WOW Thats a bit sharp.I joined because i liked the look of the site,the fact that i replied to an advert is a coincidence.I was actually compiling an introduction. So Stick your site mate but make sure the rest of the forum readers see this first.As an administrator you can delete all my details.Who knows,maybe i could have offered some useful to the site...Your not a German traffic warden by any chance, are you?
    I Was a member for 10 mins.

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    its not often i find someone whos in /out and gone off quicker than me ..

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    Do you want a hand to pick your toys up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    Do you want a hand to pick your toys up?

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    No interest in this shotgun for weeks and just when I have made more room in my cabinet and talked myself into keeping it the arguing has started on my thread and bumped it back to the top resulting in 3 enquiries since Monday, I think one enquiry might of been put off though.
    For the other 2 that enquired it is still for sale and you are more than welcome to try before you buy, I have pm'd you my number to arrange it.
    And tyreman, you are also more than welcome to try it out as well if you ever come back to the site.

    Just to clarify, it is still for sale and the first person to tell me they want it will get it, either by posting they want it on here or by confirming by phone.

    If you have anymore questions or want to arrange a trial please pm me a number and I will ring you.

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    Tyreman coming to view gun tommorrow so on hold until then.

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