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Thread: Fox release on the way

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    Fox release on the way

    Interesting item on BBC news.

    Should look at the last paragraph of the story especially if you have any ground around Edinburgh.
    You may have some sport on the way!


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    Got to love the press, do they think the dog really wanted to save the fox? I dont think so!!
    I always thought the releasing of vermin was illegal and the fox that was caught, tagged and released on foxwatch had to be licenced.

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    awesome, some more sport!

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    Makes a good story and to be honest I think it is great that we have the likes of the SSPCA who will come out and rescue animals in trouble. But what is the reality. Problem with foxes in this "good story" is where do you release them back into "the wild to fend for themselves". This young city fox has no idea how to "fend for itself" and may possibly starve, his presence on farmland with sheep/chickens/game rearing will not be appreciated and he has a good chance of being shot. Release back into an urban environment to ransack bins and possibly spread disease? I would hope that to complete the "good story" the SSPCA have a proper release proramme whereby having been "saved" this cub is not released into more danger.

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    I am with Bewsher500 on this one

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    On a similar theme I'm led to beleive that certain city foxes are caught and released up here in Cumbria by city do-gooders. Being a smallholder where a single loss of a lamb is a big impact any release of more foxes into an already over populated area is barmy and any not so country savy city foxes are likely to be the first to caught out by the likes of me and other local farmers. It's a not so happy ending to a great idea of a release programme!! Idiots....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomag View Post
    Got to love the press, do they think the dog really wanted to save the fox? I dont think so!!
    I always thought the releasing of vermin was illegal and the fox that was caught, tagged and released on foxwatch had to be licenced.
    On the money Bomag in order for that fox to be released they had to obtain special permission from 'Natural England', its not illegal to actually release a captured fox but you can breach several few laws if you do.. (i know dont ask )


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    One of the farmers that in now get foxes dumped on his ground at lease once a year.
    Last time there was 5, they just hang about when you put the lamp on, you shoot one & the rest just stand about waiting there turn.
    A few years back he got one that must have been injured & one of its eye's had been removed & stitched up.

    There are other incidents from around my area so it dose happen & probable more than people think.


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    Released into the wild?

    All land in the UK including the foreshore is owned by someone therefore to release or leave animals or birds on any land without the permission of the owner would presumably be an either a criminal or a civil offence. So action may be able to be taken against the people or organisations who do this if it is possible to catch them. If nothing else poor publicity for them if they advocate breaking the law.

    It would also be poor publicity, even if they have permission from a landowner to release animals/birds on their land, if, by doing so they are releasing animals into an environment which they are not habituated to and are unlikely to survive in. If by introducing additional predators they raise those populations above the natural carrying capacity of that land they will be increasing the stress levels in both the introduced and existing populations. If this induces either or both sectors of that population to prey on domestic animals/birds or it raises the predator population to such a level that it cannot survive naturally within the confines of that land and part of the population then relocates unto the land of others who possibly do not wish this to happen then it would show that those who release these animals are, at the least acting irresponsibly if not illegally.

    From this it follows that if the 'wild'/ 'existing' predator population is preying on domestic animals/birds then that predator population is above the natural carrying capacity for that environment and it would be prudent to reduce that population to a level where predation on domestic livestock or animals is at a nil rate. It could be argued that those who unbalance populations of predators or raise them above the natural carrying capacity of the land have at least a moral duty if not a legal duty to compensate those who lose livestock or animals and also compensate them for the costs of controlling the predator population.

    These are just my thoughts on the matter, I am not a lawyer and do not have a detailed knowledge of the law on these matters but to me it suggests that those who release or relocate predators know or care little about the management of the environment for both economic and recreational purposes and are influenced by sentimental and anthropomorphic views of the countryside.

    As an example of general ignorance I was speaking to someone recently who was dismayed about the large reduction of ground nesting birds on her patch of land. I mentioned the increase in the badger numbers on her land which she thought was wonderful but they couldn't have anything to do with it as they were veterinarian. A small natural history lesson ensued followed by disappointment when I told her it was illegal to cull or disturb badgers in any manner.


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    I think we may need a dedicated SPCA-fox-release monitoring-vehicle

    I think this would be just the job
    Click image for larger version. 

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