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Thread: Zeiss RF

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    Zeiss RF

    Anyone have any experience with the Zeiss rangefinding binoculars yet? Very tempted as I need new bins and a rnagefinder might make life easier.

    Be interested to hear your views.

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    No experience of Zeiss RF but got a pair of leica geovid 8x42 RF expensive but great, use them all the time.

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    If they are anything like their normal optics then dont be tempted to look through one, you will be struck down by the need for one and the cure for which costs many spondoolicks !


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    Sadly you're not wrong, I have a Zeiss scope so I already have the love affair going on!

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    I have a pair and like them very much, I went for the 10x and I think that they are better than my old swarovski sl's. Best price I found was Uttings. The bullet drop thing does work but not every bullet is listed. I do use the rangefinder on it as it is so easy and its nice to know how far away something is....!!.

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    That's great Patrick, thanks.

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