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Thread: Nice little six pointer

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    Nice little six pointer

    After seeing other peoples posts on here, and other forums, i thought these lads cant have all the fun, so at 7pm last night i was sat looking over a nice open piece of ground.
    By 8pm there were two does out feeding about 120yds away, the wind was good L to R and with the North Easterly blowing things looked good.

    The banking dropped away quite sharply, down to a stream, then up the other side to a fairly new plantation, at the back of the plantation there is a large block of mature timber, an ideal ambush point for any Roe coming out to feed for the evening

    As the bird song was starting to go quiet, apart from the odd cock pheasant going to roost, i noticed a set of antlers about 10yds in front of me, down the banking, he knew something was there, his head moving side to side, but was not sure what.
    He ran down the bank a few yards, then came back up for another look, this time he was sure he didnt like what he saw, running down the bank over the stream, giving the odd "unsure" bark, by which time i was on the rifle waiting for him going up the other side, i knew he would stop for another look, which he did at about 80yds.

    A 140gr Gameking was dispatched from the 6.5x55 which dropped him on the spot, game over.

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    Nice one mate, is that the same spot where you shot your big medal ? DF

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    That is a wonderful looking place to shoot. Nice buck too. Well done.

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    It is Bob, ive taken four buck from the same place this year, i know there is another two playing about in here as well, both quality beasts.

    The wind has to be from the north or east to be able to do any good here, its in a basin and swirls round.

    Thanks for the replies lads.

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