Went for a stalk yesterday morning. On a Section 42 I have. Have told myself I am only going to shoot prickets as myself and the farmer donít really share the same view on population control!

Misjudging sunrise and a flat tyre meant that I hit the ground later than I really should.

Even so I zig-zagged up the hill-side skirting and travelling though woods where possible. Seen a number of fresh deer track but no deer. Went to a spot where I thought it would be good to lie up. After 45 mins I set off gain towards another wood and came across heavy deer tracks that were fresh. I followed these to another wood. Could only see 30yards ahead through the trees as I made my way through. With that 2 does got up and all I seen was their back-ends skipping away. I stalked in on them again but with the same result.

Decided to take a high line and see if I could get around the area where I thought my prey might be. Next thing I spot 4 prickets skipping off into a wood. Thankfully 2 stopped where I could still see them and although I think they knew something was amiss, I donít think they had spotted me.

All I could see was the head and about 8 inches of neck. There was no cover to stalk in closer and the deer were fairly alert. 1 moved off leaving 1 for a shot. Ranged at 140yards with the leica, so no click or holdover needed.

The animal was facing away from me and just as I was ready to shoot it turned its head to give me an even better shot. The high ditch in the background providing ample backstop.