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Thread: dsc level 1 and 2

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    dsc level 1 and 2


    I am looking getting into stalking more in this country as I was invited to loch rannoch for a stag last year and thouroughly enjoyed it.

    I do all my stalking in austria and have the austrian hunting licence which was a 1 month course studying ecology, forestry, deer species disease, firearms safety and so on.

    - believe however this isn't valid here. ahould I invest in getting the dsc level 1.


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    You are very welcome to attend any of the branch events:

    Secondly, the BDS have two Scottish DSC I training courses scheduled for July:

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks JCS

    Do you have any advice on obtaining a firearms certificate. I have my rifle in austria but the laws are all different here. I did go to the police hq at fettes once and believe you need a landowner to sign off that you can use their land.

    That part is proving difficult. Any advice welcome.

    Thanks for rour help.

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