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Thread: Rented property

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    Rented property

    I am about to do the unthinkable and apply for my first FAC i currently hold an SGC and have done for 10 years but they are kept at my parents house.
    I no longer live with my parents and rent a house with my girlfriend.
    My question is, are there any rules regarding keeping firearms in a rented house? Do i need a letter from the landlord permitting me to keep them there?
    I don't see this being a problem as i know them quite well and they know i shoot.

    Thanks for any help


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    Shouldn't be a problem, just mention it to the FLO. I had rifle in a rented flat, just make sure to get permission from the landlord before sinking heavy duty fixings into the 'fabric of the building'

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    Shouldn't be a problem. A house is a house as far as security is concerned, and who actually owns it should have no bearing on your application whatsoever. I don't know if this applies to you, I think things like shared entranceways to flats may be frowned upon.
    It's good manners to check with your landlord first before you start drilling dirty great holes in the walls for you cabinet bolts, though. Be prepared to do a fill & redecorate job if/when you move out.

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    Until six weeks ago, I'd been living in rented flats in London for 9 years. In the first one, which I shared with three friends, three of us had SGCs and one an FAC for a target rifle. The rifle was kept at his club, but the SGs were all in one big cabinet. I remember that we asked the estate agent if we could install it in the "Columbo" style, when everything else was agreed. "Er, just one last thing: we need to fit a gun cabinet to the wall for our shotguns. Is that a problem"? She was a bit taken aback by this. "Erm, well, I suppose you're all allowed to have them, it's all OK?". "Oh yes, we have licences". "Oh, right, well I suppose that's fine then, yes".

    In the second one, I had to do what you did and put them back at my mother's house. I had the plod approve my new cabinet last week so I will shortly finally have my shotguns in my own home, in my own cabinet, and no longer need to ferry them back and forth from my mother's house all through the shooting season. Good luck!

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    I live in a rented flat and have the FEO coming round in a weeks time for my first SGC licence. Got the estate agents permission to bolt a "safe" to the wall so should hopefully be okay.

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    thanks for that its a house i share with my girlfriend and no one else so no problem with strangers having access. And the landlord says its fine and is willing to write me a letter stating that just in case i need it.
    another question answered quickly thanks lads

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    kept mine in a static caravan for 3 yrs no problem at all ...bolted to reinforced floor !

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