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Thread: Complete Wilson Trimming Kit (NEW)

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    Complete Wilson Trimming Kit (NEW)

    For Sale complete Wilson cutter complete with shark fin holder, sinclair platform for base , stand for cutter and micrometer including .243-.308 shell case holder

    All brand new in box new stock

    235-00 posted
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    Hi Mark,
    You don't fancy selling the fin holder separate do you?

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    any pic's mate???

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    you ca n have the fin holder seperate mate as we have a few in stock ill email a price in the am if thats ok

    as for pictures ill do that as well tomoz if thats ok
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    Thanks Mark,

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    im here now if you like
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    Chris Fins are 41.10 including bracket plus a fiver postage lets us know mate if you want one.
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    Will do, just wondering if i need it opposed to popping the trimmer in a vice (protected with rubber)...

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