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Thread: Butchery Course

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    Butchery Course

    I am looking for a butchery course to tidy up my knife skills as most of my venison eats well but is not pretty.

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    Bit of a trek for you - but we're in a lovely part of the world and right on the Malt Whiskey trail - just waiting on confirmation from our butcher - should be running two courses in July/ August.
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    Check out a member called: Buckbones on here. He is near Leicester and has run a few courses like that where you get to butcher a deer and then take the animal you cut up home with you.

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    I've seen buckbones advert on here, seems a cracking offer. Only problem is he's a bit too far away for me. Would love to find someone doing a similar course in the north east.

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    Speak to Buckbones, Andrew, and you may find that at certain times of the year his "course" is more attractive.


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    as has been said, speak to buckbones, hes a top bloke and wont take him long to put you right

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    If you are a bds member the activity day held at Cornharrow is excellent. The butchery display by Frank is first class.

    Contact Spiker or Dalkur on here.

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    +1 for Buckbones

    I had him up here a few weeks back doing a butchery course with me & he really knows his stuff.
    He's a good guy & will put you right in no time.
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    There is a Butchery Course for 4 people in the BDS summer auction currently with no bids

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    If you can come up to ma gaff i will give you a demo how to butcher a deer in my time in no time simple as that

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