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Thread: Tick reminder

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    Tick reminder

    Every one
    i hav copied this from another site with the permission off the original poster
    please take time to read it carefully it might help save your health or even your life
    A timely reminder that although there are now usually ticks active all through the winter, there will be a new hatch with the coming of spring.

    For those that are unaware, ticks are blood sucking parasites, found throughout the UK and europe in ever increasing numbers.
    They carry some quite nasty diseases, such as Lyme Borreliosis, which can seriously effect humans as well as dogs.

    For more information on tick prevention week, please visit the website

    And for further information on Ticks and Tick borne diseases please visit the BADA-UK (Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness-UK) website on

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    A useful reminder Stone, i`ll certainly be gloved up this year.

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    Took the first one of this year off the dog last week. Just a short wait for the bucks and the ticks


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    Nice one Stone... thanks

    On my last but one outing I managed to pick a tick nymph up in the corner of my eye. I thought it was just a scratch until it had gorged itself.

    I had to make a trip to the eye infirmary where the doc took it out for me...

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    Thanks stone i'm scatching allready,just reminded the boss a few choice words not repeatable they may be children reading


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    Thanks stone
    just sprayed all over itching like mad and i'm only
    in the house


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    I have found the little green claw hammer type tick removers great. Got some from the vets and keep them in the car. They have come in handy a few times and get the tick out intact and alive, well till I stamp on it. Best couple of pounds spent in ages.

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    Timely reminder
    had to deal with a few nasty ones last season, found the (Tick Lasso )
    worked well as posted on dog section last year , It was bad enough trying to sort the buggers out on my short coated dog , so my Freya will take twice as long, I regularly FRONTLINE MY DOGS for fleas hope it deters the ticks enough.

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    Frontline as it says on the box, kills fleas for 2 months but ticks for 1 month, never thought about it until these posts. Goes to show no substitute for giving a dog a good grooming and feel over regularly.

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    GUYS it looks like you are not taking this serious enough

    this could save your lives

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