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Thread: Liver fluke in deer.

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    Liver fluke in deer.

    The answer may be obvious, but, do deer suffer from liver fluke? If they do, then badgers may not be the the only mammals that are (allegedly) transmitting Btb to domestic cattle.

    BBC News - Parasite may aid cattle TB spread

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    Deer do suffer from liver fluke and TB but I think it is generally accepted that cattle and deer don't share the same grazing so deer won't be infecting cattle. I think the conclusion of the article is wrong. Liver fluke is assocciated with wet ground because of its life cycle stage in water snails. Badgers tend to prefer dry ground to boggy stuff. Less badgers = less TB.

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    To answer the original post, yes, they do, but it varies between species (roe bad, red cope) They don't have to be co-grazing, just sharing the same pasture. Deer do transmit bTB to cattle (fallow being most associated) but nothing like the amount from badgers. However, the article and the research are to do with fluke and it's effect on the immune system of the cow, not anything involving badgers.

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