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Thread: 2 lamping from a quad

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    2 lamping from a quad

    hello, im in the process of insuring my quad and kitting it up for lamping, what i would like to know is is there a way for me and my lamping buddy to go on it together, i was thinking about having a rail in front to shoot from with a rack to hold the gun whilst i drive alone, drive with one hand, lamp with the other then stop to shoot using the rack on the front?. i was also considering having my mate behind me using my shoulder as a rest to shoot the .22? what do other people do? many thanks

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    have your mate sat behind you lamping over you, get a set of handle bar rifle grip holders and you drive and shoot, that has worked really well for me. i use a bipod and a flat box strapped on front racking.

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    thanks for that sounds similar to what i had in mind but ideally wanted one shooting the hmr with the fox caliber in front incase charlie shows, whats the law on carrying a rifle on a quad on the way to your permission.


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    whats the law on carrying a rifle on a quad on the way to your permission

    must be in a slip as normal (when on the road)

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    I think most quads wont be insured for two up except maybe the bombadier. Worth thinking about in case of an accident and you are liable. That said we lamp two up on quad ,driver shoots, passenger lamps, Driver has rifle round neck resting on chest passenger has shotgun slung on back, also portable battery pack if we have to close in over rough ground or find a shot fox. If you do come a cropper when two up it's pretty hard for the passenger to get clear and it hurts!

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    thanks for that, i wont be carrying a passenger on the road only around the farm as he lives 2 mins down the road so meets me there, has anybody got any pics of there shooting set ups?


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    we bolted an old landrover seat to the back rack where the lamper sat and i used to shoot the rifle off a bipod over the handle bars resting on a feed sack , if we were foxing .

    if we were shot gunning rabbits , i used to drive and lamp and a trusted friend used to shoot a 8 shot auto from the seat !

    a very effective way of rabbit control .

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    I hav mine set up like this

    I drive and shoot and the passenger sits on the piece of foam and operates the lamp
    The lamp is detachable but wired into the quad via a plug-in socket ,so no need for a seperate battery pack
    If you need to leave the quad then make sure you hav a decent hand held
    Mine is attached to the scope by a quick release mount
    Another pic from the front

    This way the lamp man has a quick dismount if needed and does not keep knocking me whilst he lamps and less glare from the lamp as it is not over my shoulder
    Makes it easy for your lamp man to pass you the lamp incase he needs to lean on the front rest to shoot

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    This is my solo lamping setup.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    thanks for all of the advise and pics, who do you insure your quads with or do you use a trailer?


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