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Thread: Badgers and Bluebells

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    Badgers and Bluebells

    I know there is a lot of controversy at the moment re Badgers and culls etc, but I am fortunate enough to have some big Badger sets on Land that I have permission to Photograph them on, they really are very endearing to watch but difficult to photograph, as they come out at dusk when there is little or no light, compounded with using telephoto lens, its a head scratcher, for those who are interested in photography these were taken with an iso of 10000 which is why they are so grainy, any way will keep working at improving them
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    nice pictures there doc. do you use anything to smooth the grain ,lightroom or another i struggle with grain on my 1 ds but have been pleased with lightroom atb,wayne
    ps i think number one does it for me its a cracker.
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    use lightroom but at an iso of 10,000 its a nightmare to do anything, they were hand held 100-400 zoom mk 4 ids 1/640 sec

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    Fabulous pics.
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    Very nice pics, I have a badger set about 100yds from my house, I have only seen 2 in the 6 years that I have lived here! pretty wily creatures...

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