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Thread: Recent dive trip in the Red Sea.

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    Recent dive trip in the Red Sea.

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    Well that was different,and very interesting....nice one!


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    Spent 10 days diving in egypt this time last year. Very jealous! Any more photos? The detail on the ray is very good, what camera are you using ?


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    i did some in Thailand it was fantastic. pictures are really good mate

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    Nice one buckup,

    Theres plenty of divers on here.

    I only wish the vis was half as good in Scapa in a couple of weeks not to mention the temperature


    Forgot to ask, are you using a Go Pro
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I was lucky enough to visit the Maldives back in feb, my big regret was not taking an underwater camera, it was like swimming in fish soup.....

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    Sorry for the delay in answering your questions guys. I use a cannon compact A540. it sits in a housing by the same maker. I have a mate who does a lot of underwater photography and I consider my efforts very amateur by comparison. My secret if you can call it that is to get in close, stalk your subject fish if you like. The blue spotted ray was only perhaps twelve inches away from my lens to get the eye pic. The jelly in the blue was a similar distance with good sunlight very near the surface. The long box jelly was taken on a night dive colour achieved by shining my hand torch up through it. Lastly the Crocodile fish, taken on the seabed next to the Thistlegorm. I had never seen one before, and was so chuffed to find one on one of my dive bucket list wrecks.
    Thanks for looking,

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    Nice one
    Been diving in Sharm lots. Not going this year though, heading up to Orkney instead.

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    I was very lucky having lived on the Red Sea coast in Jeddah for three years with its miles and miles of unspoilt coastal and offshore reefs. Fantastic reef fish life right up to big GT and Barracuda, plus turtles and manta rays, even in the city, and sailfish, marlin, several tuna species and GT offshore when fishing. My highlight was a whale shark and her calf right beside the fishing boat when I was driving it, I had a great view from the flying bridge but regret not being able to join the others jumping in with their cameras to get a closer look.

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    Whale Shark is on my bucket list Paul. Amazing creatures. Missed one by a day this year in the maldives. It was spotted on my no dive day prior to flying home. Always a next time.

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