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Thread: 7x57 Ammo advice please

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    7x57 Ammo advice please

    I am getting a 7x57 and welcome any thoughts on factory ammo for general use - I am keen to stick with just one round for all uses from Roe up through to Red deer.

    I am thinking 140 gn softpoint from either RWS or Norma and will give each a try to see which groups best.

    Any body have any other suggestions?

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    I haven't used 7x57 for some years now, I always used Norma 140's with no probs, it was the DCS issue rifle and we shot a lot with them, mostly sika and red and a lot in woodland and at night, it's a great round.

    What make of rifle are you getting?

    We used BSA cf2's with ziess 4x32 scopes, without any bother, the cleaning regime consisted 3in1 oil left in the barrel !!!!!

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    7mm rounds

    Hi heym sr20

    Just returned from a visit to Scotland and spotted you post. Hope this helps, over the years myself and two other stalking mates have tried just about all the Factory loads available for the 7mm and we all now have found what we think to be great round that works brilliantly they are not cheap and you may think that the bullet weight is light but belive me there are 14 deer in the larder that prove they work reds and roe.

    They are RWS 7x57 cone point 123 gr.

    impact and accuracy is far better and the consistancy of the bullets from year to year does not appear to change, to the point were only a couple are used down the range and zero does not vary,

    We all use different rifles from a very old Parker hale to a fancy Heym all perform well,
    You may well find them difficult to purchase put worth it if you can find them,

    Happy stalking.

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    Hi, I used to use federal classic 140gr fodder in my late lamented CF2 7x57 before the barrel went south. I had good consistent results with it and they were cheap!

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    Hi SR20. Am using Geco 165gr. Any deer will keel over. Not sure if you can get it in the UK though?

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    Hmmm The only factory ammunition in 7x57 that I have used is the RWS 173 Grain H-Mantle which proved highly effective on Roe. Now the Cone Point bullet has an excellent reputation ofr accuracy and performance. If I see some I shall certainly try them providing I can afford them that is.

    Ahhhh Zaitsev I shall try not to add to your pain by showing you my CF2 7x57, if I look in my reloading record I can tell you how many bullets have passed down it's bore hmm it seems that I have shot just over 400 rounds through it and it was new when I acquired it. Seems it was old stock somewhere . Oh and did you know according to Knibbs book only 389 CF2's where chambered in 7x57 . This CF2 with it's Pecar 4x35 Champion scope is one I am considering taking to Yorkshire after Roe Buck next week. Hornady 139 BTSP over TU5000 is the load I use.

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    I have used Federal ammunition for some time and never had a problem with it. My rifle hates Norma and it sprays like a blunderbuss with them. I also found RWS too high pressure and the bolt would not open until the case had cooled down. Every rifle is different and my old .243" loved Norma while my Sako .270 only really shot well with Sako ammo (155grn).

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