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Thread: Fancy a change from .243

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    Fancy a change from .243

    Im having a sort out! Im going to get a .223 as a designated fox rifle and was thinking of changing from .243 to either 6.5 x55 or 7mm-08? I shoot mainy fallow and thought this calibre, 120-140gr bullets would be ideal, have a slight edge over the .243? Is there much difference between the two, is one superior over the other? Factors to consider i guess would be ammo availability, bullet weights etc. All just thoughts at the moment!

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    don't forget about the barrel mate
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    What you really want is a 25-06... go on, you know you want one.
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    308 does it all mate , i love mine good for boar toooooo

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    Not sure about your deer rifle, I am getting a 7mm08, but am too inexperienced to advocate that over something else... As another option for the foxing rifle how about the 22-243 .22-243 You'd have to be a re-loader but could re-barell your 243 and reuse your 243 brass... 4000fps with a 50gn bullet.... impressive!

    Maybe one day I'll get one, just to be different.

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    Just had a bit of a shake up on my rifle arrangement, .223 is redundant now, instead have a .22 WMR for short range foxes and use my stalking rifle in 6.5 x 55 for the rangey fox stuff as well as stalking, does everything I want. perfick
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    ok, before people start posting nothing but just calibre's, saying they're the best,,,think of need 2 rifles, more is nice, but expensive to run due to ammo, scopes ,etc. so stick with two, one for foxing and one for deer that can also be used for foxing if need be. what distances are you thinking of for foxing? if within 300yds, then .222, .223 or .22-250 are perfect. for Deer, think about the max size you'll take and what your 80% rule is, ie. if 80% is fallow and 20% is reds, go for a high-mid calibre rifle, if 80% fallow or muntjac and 20% reds, go for low-mid calibre rifle...6.5 category +/- and you won't go wrong, put the right type of bullet in the right place and jobs'a'good'un.

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    Have got 7mm08 myself, its taken everything from Big Reds to Roe and Large driven boar. Got plenty of mates using 6.5x55 and it'll do exactly the same job give or take 0.5 of a mm. Factory ammo is more available for the 6.5x55 but if you're going to reload that would be irrelevant.
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    +1 pkl my thoughts exactly

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    I have owned 7mm-08 and 6.5x55; both good calibres and no problems with either on anything from muntjac to red stags. As TJ said, sourcing factory ammunition in 7mm-08 can be tricky, but it does seem to becoming increasingly popular which should help. Macleods of Tain did have a new (!) Tikka M595 in 7mm-08 on their website a couple of weeks ago.

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