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Thread: Fawns and silage

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    Fawns and silage

    We strongly suspect that a Roe doe has moved her fawn(s) into a field of grass above the wood, where the farmers son found a new born fawn last week. My brother has had his spaniels running through the grass yesterday to leave plenty fo doggy scent behind, the doe was watching whilst he did this, hopefully to encourage her to shift her young during the night. Weather permitting the first silage cut is soon, anything else we can do ?

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    There is a previous thread on this , it is recomended to cut the silage in 'lands' starting centrally in th e field and working to the edge (or toward the edge with cover/woods), the key is not to cut the headland til last as the deer will not move across a strip without any cover.
    This is what I believe is recomended and actually enforced in some areas on the continent. I guess the fawn has to be big enough to have the confidence to move. The only other thing that I am sure would help is to leave the silage cut as late (or make hay or haylage) as possible but I think you may struggle to convince any UK farmers this is a good idea.


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    They started silage on Monday on my ground, 20 days later than last year and i suspect we will have a lot of fawns at risk. Was in the cab last night as a passenger and we were mowing at 23 kph so no chance of a kid moving. As yet no known fatalities although all the does I have seen are looking slim so kids are hidden somewhere. I have yet to see one. Also huge crop of grass which is tall and very dense, so may not be ideal for a kid, still wet in the bottom. Plus side is that 4x5 foxes have come to a sticky but painless end although getting a clear shot at them in deep swath has been difficult. Out again tonight several more to mop up whillst we can get on the ground. Late May silage is prob the worst time, last year 29th April so before any kids were born.


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    The other problem with modern farming methods are the width of the cut! The contractor my son works for has a Class cougar with a 50 foot cut , a giant of a machine, wild life does not have much of a chance with that creaping up on it!

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