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Thread: New Sako 85 Wood/Stainless.243

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    New Sako 85 Wood/Stainless.243

    Hi people,
    just thought I'd post a picture of my new Sako 85 wood /stainless in .243. Special order but well worth the wait. Have found it to be very accurate and I'm over the moon with it. Has anybody else have one and what are your thoughts?
    best regards
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    Haven't got one but after seeing yours !!

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    I have the 85 in wood and blued, accuracy is brilliant and the rifle works faultlessly in 6.5 x 55, lovely piece of kit, enjoy

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    Mine in .243. Love it. So much nicer in the hand than my mates Tikka.

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    very nice
    what mounts are those?

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    Looks great. Stainless and dark wood really works. A buddy has an older blue/timber Sako with a new stainless barrel (260 of course). Looks fantastic.

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    What wood did you order? Or is it just heavy stained?

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    Ive got the Sako 85 Bavarian in .243,lovely gun,great build quality.

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    I have a new Sako85 S/S synthetic .243 on the way, cant wait to get it set up and have a play with it on the range then onto my permissions for hopefully my 1st Buck...

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    I have put a Deluxe stock on my 75 SS. It looks great. I even swapped the sling studs from the synthetic stock, as well as the matching Sako badge! I noticed a while ago that a SS and wood 75 was available from Sako, so decided to make my own. The dark wood against the stainless steel certainly looks a treat.


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