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Thread: Eka / outdoor edge knife ?

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    Eka / outdoor edge knife ?

    Confused which is is best the one with the sandvic blade or the other one, and best place to buy ? Thanks in advance DF

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    Outdoor edges stand were always opposite me at IWA when I worked the stand for my pal and in the end of the show I bought one swing blade and it has been fine so far for 3 years.
    I also have an EKA wood handled lock knife and the steel is very very good.
    Outdoor edges rep was sharpening knives with a broken plate (same as ceramic sharpeners) to polish the last fine edge on his blades.
    takes yer choice.
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    Hi there

    Part of a previous thread at the link below explains the two products - basically EKA is Swedish steel and OutDoor Edge is Japanese steel, there is about 1 Rockwell C point in steel difference which doesn't make any difference in everyday use.

    We still sell the OutDoor Edge Swingblaze at 53.95 + p&p (this has a lifetime warranty whereass the EKA is 10yr - probably irrelevant as both are extremely robust.)



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    I bought the Eka one and its a superb knife.

    i would happily buy the one cheshire lad has advertised and it comes with the filleting knife - good price


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