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Thread: Swarovski 8.5 x 42 EL Binoculars.

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    Swarovski 8.5 x 42 EL Binoculars.

    Anyone got a set of Swarovski Bins for sale or know of any? Older type or new 'swarovision' will do. Prefer the EL model though over the SLC.

    What you got?

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    some on ebay

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    8.5x42els, bought them from Gunrunner only to find mrs F bought me the !0x42s deerwarden

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    Got a pair for Macleods Of Tain second hand, think all 8.5x42 EL are Swarovision just keep looking they are there. Glad I wasted the kids inheritance

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    Glenluce Gunroom have my 8.5x42 el swarovisions which I traded in for the RF model last week, very good nick they are too

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    All sorted now thanks... got an unused pair for 850 still boxed with a blank warranty card!
    Good old 'Gumtree' !!!

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    850 unused thats a good deal. do you need oven gloves to use them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans View Post
    850 unused thats a good deal. do you need oven gloves to use them?
    No mate, an old boy (bird watcher) with a huge array of optics he has to shift as he is now very disabled. I felt quite sorry for him.
    Spoke to Swarovski and they have said just register in my name and the warranty is effectively transferred as it goes 30 years from date of manufacture and not purchase. He offered me a pair of Leica Geovids (10x56) for 950! Bit too big for my liking.

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    i expect you may get a couple of pms. shame to have to jack in the hobby due to health, im sure you'll put them to good use

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    If he has a Zeiss Victory FL 8x56 please let me know!

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