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Thread: bees doing strange things

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    bees doing strange things

    For the bee keepers amongst you.
    I have two hives. Both were doing well but on a recent inspection i couldnt see any eggs or the queen in hive one. So i took a frame of eggs and brood. Put in hive one hoping they make a new queen.
    Looked last night and they have made 5 queen cells. So i got rid of all except one. Had phone call today to say they are swarming.
    Inspected this evening and there are just as many beess in there as yesterday. The one queen cell is still capped and not due to hatch yet.

    So any ideas on what happened today

    Regards pj

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    They all died or buggered off??
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Were the bees not just working!
    Checked my bee hives today and there was
    hundreads off bees on the hives waiting too get in.

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    Bees seem all ok. There were quite a lot on the grass in the garden and some where hanging around a twisted hazel in the garden as if a queen had been there but not now.
    It was a neighbour who came down the road who told my mum. Thry keep bees and heard mine roaring from there garden.

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    Mine got off to a late start, checked them yesterday, all is fine.

    The two hives I have, the weather has been terrible and methinks this may have thrown in a bit of confusion, have however picked up five swarms this week, things are getting settled now.


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    Don't know anything about bees, but I was wondering: do they not recognise that eggs/brood from another hive are not thiers? Most social insects have pretty good colony dicrimination, and can start doing very odd things when they recognise aliens in the nest. Or is this standard practice? Really fascinating.

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    How old was the original queen? Most ruthless bee keepers will only keep one for two years as after that they can get a bit lazy and knackered.

    My 4 hives are doing well lulling in lots of rape, picked up one swarm in a bait hive sat in my garden and this is doing well also.



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    A laymans interpretation of a swarm may not be correct. I.E. who ever said the hive was swarming could be wrong.

    Why destroy queen cells?, the first queen to emerge form her cell will do that, to kill of the rivals.

    You are reducing the chances of succession by 80%.

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    mungo. yes they are fasinating. im only a learner in the bee world and there is so much to learn but they are great to watch and as much as we can manipulate what they do and how they live they will always do their own thing.

    chriseoe. this queen was collected as a swarm two years and one day ago so not sure how old she was. but was laying well in march.

    jack. there are a couple up the lane who keep bees. they were the ones that informed my mum that the bees were swarming. i do wonder though if another swarm was in the area and settled on the hive. would the lack of a queen inside a hive make a differance as to weather a swarm landed on a active hive????. i destroyed the other queen cells on advice from the local bee farm. the theory being that if a newly hatched queen know there is a replacemnt waiting for her the hive may keep swarming until the numbers are really small and you end up with a weak hive. she is more likely to come back if there are no other queens around

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    I'm going to go off thread here as I haven't got a clue to the answer. All I can think is that another swarm was in the area.
    But I had a call from the local swarm coordinator about a bunch of bees nearby but as I work 35 miles away by the time I got home they had gone. darn, but at least my 2 hives have gone mad and filled their supers. just started capping. I have put some more supers on to keep them busy.
    On another note; hive 1 is full of large and very very grumpy bees. They need to be requeened..............but later when I get the honey off. maybe.

    and note 2......... I know all about bees cos i read the book, problem is the damn bees havent read the damn book.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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