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Thread: Any one using Swarovski 10x42 EL Rangefinder bino's ?

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    Any one using Swarovski 10x42 EL Rangefinder bino's ?

    As title says anyone using the swarovski RF binos as im thinking of trading my leica 10x42 and swaro 8x30 rangefinders...are they as good as normal pair of swaro binos ?

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    Yes, I'm using them.

    In my opinion they are certainly as good as a new pair of EL's but, they have the rangefinder built in.

    Get them set up correctly and away you go.

    I love mine.

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    I changed from 10x42 ELs to 10x42 EL Range and notice no difference in picture, as said once set up to your eyes they are spot on.

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    changed fm 8.5x42 ELs to 8x42 Range and noticed a difference, better clarity. I find the Range better in my hand too. I looked at 10x42 when I did the swap and felt happier with the 8's

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    Hi, I have a pair of 10x42 EL range, I cannot fault them they have an excellent image and thr range-finding is superb.
    They'll also last you a lifetime. I've just got a gen 2 Z6i as well, just waiting for my .243 to arrive to fix it to.

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