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Thread: Scottish Midge Problem Solved

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    Scottish Midge Problem Solved

    I think this DPM beekeeper suit (half way down the page) would be very good solution to the midge problem, if the rim of the hat and neck bit were trimmed back a bit:

    If the mesh is the same size as on mine, then the midges shouldn't get past it. It's a lot more expensive than my 7 mesh veil but the bee suit head cover keeps the mesh off your face, which, if you've experienced it, is uncomfortable and also can impair clarity of vision. This jacket seals in your neck also preventing the sods getting in that route.

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    Avon skin so soft is the stuff you want to keep the midges away.

    On just about every Scottish estate I have been to or worked on, it is all that all of the estate workers and ghillies use to keep the midges away.

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    Staying in the highlands I am more than familiar with the dredded Midgie! Avon skin so soft is quite good but when they are really bad the only good remedy is a net. Look at the Bushwear web site I bought a jacket type from there and it works a treat, viewing through the mesh is good also. If you have a hat with a peak on it keeps the mesh away from your face. My best buy of any kit for years!

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    If you forget the avon skin so soft and midge hoods, bog myrtle which grows across most of the Highlands is quite effective if rubbed onto the skin. BM is a sweet smelling shrubby bush that occurs in boggy bits. Cigars also help.

    To be honest though in my experience the only real effective way of combatting midges is a bug suit or at least a midge hood and be in a windy place.

    They also don't like alkali soil so a few tonnes of lime will on your garden will stop them breading.

    But I am sure the little b.................s will get through an NBC suit.

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    I've solved the midge problem for me!

    I have to say , I've found the perfect solution to the midge problem, the little blighters eat me alive....anyway...I've moved to England...extreme but effective.

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