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Thread: Incredible lung shot

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    Incredible lung shot

    Shot this morning, unaware of us at 80m's with a .308 and 150gr hornady interlocks.
    both lungs were shot out.

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    un-b-lievable had a very similar experiece with the last buck I shot, If I hadn't of seen the exit hole I would have sworn blind that I missed it and that was with a 170gr bullet. Amazing what adrenalin can do

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    Great piece of video John - thanks for that. Must have missed everything else in there! The rear leg kick out is classic for the lung shot - nice to illustrate the DMQ question on same.
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    Nice quality video.,,,,,,,,

    What was behind the hedge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    Nice quality video.,,,,,,,,

    What was behind the hedge?
    i'm sure he went and looked whilst waiting the obligatory 10 minutes for the beast to expire!

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    great footage,

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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    Shot a little low?

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    I was speaking to Doublefour on here about the cameras and he suggested you had maybe purchased the newer model of his. What are you using for this footage? I assume it has some 'anti-shake' facility switched on for the scene you are walking in on the buck?


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