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Thread: Highclere game fair

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    Highclere game fair

    Thinking of going on saturday Just wondering if anyone has been in the past and was it any good

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    Hi deerhungry, Will be there on Saturday.
    Have been going for several years now. I call it a long morning show. We usually get there around 09:00 and tend to come away having seen most of interest by mid afternoon. A bacon roll and cup of tea to start and a pie and a pint around mid day (just to up the energy levels).

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    We will be there on Sunday with the dogs, I think a "long morning show" is a good description.

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    Yp your dead on went today and I was a little disapointed still its a day out in the sunshine


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    It's usually good to visit just to see the gals from Marleborough School selling catalogues

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