TomTom Go 930 (the one with the world maps) For Sale. This was, until a few years ago, TomTom's flagship model and still processes info faster and has a better more responsive touch screen than their current top of the line offerings. I'm moving to a car with built in satnav so no longer need it.

Good condition, and all in working order still have the box and all the bits.

I have had this hard wired into the jeep since new and so never ran it off the battery. Now I have taken it out I notice the battery is only holding charge for about 15 mins (aparently a common issue with TomToms) But, if like me, you will only ever use it plugged in or hard wired in the vehicle, it is a complete non-issue! Also, I'm pretty sure the battery can be replaced at modest cost if you need to!

Anyhoo.. I need 80 plus 5 p&p. will get this on ebay in the next couple of days so shout up if you want it.

I also have a TomTom One. We bought this for my mum a couple of years ago direct from TomTom as a factory re-furb. Unfortunately, when it arrived it had intermittent sound (sound's like a loose connection) and so I meant to send it back but forgot and it is now WAAAAY over the returns period. Other than the sound it is perfect, still in it's packaging and as new so, great if you a. don't care about voice direction, b. are a tinkerer and can tinker it back to aural life or c. are deaf and don't care either way!!

Yours for 25 plus 5 P&P