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Thread: Gas vs charcoal

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    Gas vs charcoal

    I personally think if it's not charcoal, it's not a proper barby.
    What do we recon?


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    A gas barbecue is just a stove that you're using outside, it doesn't count.

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    Done both and for convenience, cost, control and results, I'd go for the Gas every time! Get a decent one though like my Weber which has a 25 year warranty!

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    Proper charcoal (not silly brickets) gives better flavour and higher temperature which helps to seal the meat and keep it succulent.

    Gas is convenient...nothing more to say about gas

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    charcoal everytime at mine.
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Charcoal! What a bunch of lightweights! Light a low fire of any aromatic wood, olive is best, but not readily available here of course. Let it burn down to embers then cook over those, unbeatable if a little slow and long winded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Charcoal in a Kamado Joe - the only way to go!

    Attachment 15806
    Always fancied a Kamado, just not the price, quite like the big green egg as well. Charcoal every time!

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    Gas for speed but charcoal, or better still wood, for taste

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