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Thread: .223 load for Tikka T3

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    .223 load for Tikka T3

    Hello chaps,

    I am soon to be collecting a .223 Tikka T3 Hunter which i am going to be loading for in addition to my .243. I was wondering if any other T3 users would be willing to share any good load data? I am going to be using 55 grain speer soft points as i have ready access to these heads. Mainly after charge weights, powder and primer info is poss.

    I appreciate all barrels like different loads but just after a starting point as it was through this method that i found the excellent load that i use in my .243.

    Thanks in advance.



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    I'm using Nosler 55gr B/T's @ 3115fps average with 27gn of Varget and my OAL is 1.912" but you will find that its too long for the magazine, this is what groups best in my T3, hope this helps.

    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I have a T3 super V, 55grain Hornady V max (#22271) with 25grain of Varget (2689fps) COL of 1.867 to the ogive with CCI BR4 primers and Lapua brass give me sub 1/2 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yards

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243Sako View Post
    Thanks chaps, anyone use H322?
    I was recommended Varget with 55grain bullets so went with it and had very good results,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I have a t3 varmint and use 55g vmax and lapua brass with 26.5g of BLC2, Federal Match primers and an overall length of 2.260

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    I have had some good results on 55gr vmax and 55gr nosler over H335 but it is a ball powder.

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    what twist rate is your tikka rob

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    Using 50 grain sierra soft points,lapua brass,ccibr primers and 24.8gr of vit n133,also use 53gr vmax and high load of 25.8gr of vit n133.PLEASE work up a load safely as all rifles are different and the 25.8gr load might be too hot for your rifle.I now stick with the 50gr soft point as they are superb on fox and deadly accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by triggersqueezer View Post
    what twist rate is your tikka rob
    Not sure, im waiting for my ticket to come back so i can collect it. As far as i am aware it is a standard tikka t3 hunter barrell so im guessing 1:8 from what i have heard???



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