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Thread: Get well soon, hornet 6

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    Get well soon, hornet 6

    I don't know if anyone else knows but the old burger has just had a shoulder opp, so i wish you well on behalf of myself and the rest of the lads on the forum,

    you best get well soon you need to shoot that new rifle and i need to test it first.

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    2,743 that just after I do Bob?!

    Hope all is well Neil - speak soon.
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    Thanks lads, it is 10 years since I had my right shoulder done, and I had forgotten just how painfull it is.
    The worst bit is trying to sleep as laying down is not easy, so far not slept for more than an hour at a time.


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    Get well soon mate


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    Well at long last I have had most of a nights sleep, so feeling a bit better now.
    Yesterday I just had to have a shower, not supposed to get it wet, but as I had a new dressing I risked it. Lol
    I can see why I was told to leave the dressing for two weeks now, looks like I had an accident with a chainsaw
    Not the neatest job I have seen, but so long as it heals I really don't care what it looks like.
    Just need to get some movement baack now before trying to load some ammo and collecting the new rifle


    PS: Bob and ETR, you are both welcome to a go with it, but does that mean you are coming to the range on the 23rd ?
    BBQ the night before for the campers ?

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