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Thread: Border Stalkers summer rifle shoot. Sunday June 17th.

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    Border Stalkers summer rifle shoot. Sunday June 17th.

    The Chris Batty Memorial Shoot.
    10am start at our usual Bowscar, Cumbria venue.
    Pool shoot and main event as on previous days.
    FAC and insurance please.
    An RFD will be present with a wide range of ingredients for the re-loader.


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    Hopefully the weather will be as good next Sunday as it is here today !


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    Well, we were very lucky regarding the weather. Initially it was overcast with a few spots of rain so I put my wet-weather gear on expecting the worst which did not happen.
    Turnout was rather lower than expected but perhaps `Fathers Day` had something to do with it.

    The shooting standard however was very high with John Threlkeld putting up a 119/120 on the first detail, a score which held off the opposition until the very last shooter of the day pipped his score with a perfect 120/120 .
    This was put up by David Hartley, a score even more remarkable in view of the fact that he had just come off night duty at 5am that morning and had acted as Range Officer all day.

    Chris Batty Memorial Shield, D. Hartley 120/120.
    Leading 6 competitors :-
    1st, D. Hartley, Roebuck 90/90 and Grouping target 30/30, total 120/120.
    2nd, J. Threlkeld, 90 + 29 = 119/120.
    3rd, J.Wolfe, 89 + 29 = 118/120.
    4th, A.R.Corney, 88 + 29 = 117/120.
    5th, G.Cattanach, 88 + 29 = 117/120.
    6th, K.Atkinson, 89 + 28 = 117/120.

    Pool Shoot, 1st, Eric Wear.

    Free Raffle for a bottle of Scotch, Ken.Story.

    All in all a good day. Thank you to those who generously donated prizes and to those who assisted on the field.


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    The Border Stalkers Autumn shoot will be held at the usual Bowscar, Cumbria venue on Sunday the 19th of August.
    This is the Bill Grant Memorial shoot for the Corney Open Cup, the Northwest Shield and the Ray Barnes Cup for lightweight rifles.


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    Border Stalkers Autumn Shoot. Sunday 19th of August at the usual Bowscar venue.
    10 am start

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